“Tungod aning virus, dako kayo ang pagbago sa akong kinabuhi. For example, karon duty mi sa gabii, hagu na dayon pag-uli sa balay, pero dili nako diretso maduulan ang akong asawa ug akong mga anak tungod di nami mag-kompyansa kay naa man mi sa field, so before mi mosulod sa balay, maghubo mi sa among sanina. Di parehas sa una na normal lang gikan duty na wa nami ginabuhat na routine before makasulod sa balay, karon mag-disinfect mi, maghukas, magtamak-tamak sa footbath before makasulod sa balay. Hassle siya pero para sa kaayohan sa akong pamilya motuman g’yud mi.”

“Hadlok man ko na maapektuhan sa virus kay usa ko ka family man, dili ko gusto na simbako mawala ko ani nga kalibutan na mabiyaan nako sila na dili pa sakto ilang edad pero kani akong ginapanumpaan as a police officer: Bayan first, service to the people; second na dayon ang family.”

"Ga duty ko usahay pang gabii pero naapektohan gyud akong kinabuhi. Makapalit pa ug bugas. Pero lisud ni kung magdugay ang virus. Karon dili kaayo apektado akong kada adlaw nga routine. Pero siguro sa sunod nga mga bulan."

"Hadlok ang COVID19 labina diri sa tindahan kay kuyaw pag duty sa labina sa gabii. Kung moundang pud ko wala pud koy income."

"Sugal gyud ni akong gabuhaton pero kinahanglan gyud buhaton."

"Para makalikay sa sakit, mas maayo gyud magpuyo lang tas balay. Ug mosunod tas mga balaod sa atong barangay ug dakbayan."


Monday, 06 April 2020 11:22

COVID Story by Alfie Sale

Dubbed as the Olympic in the field of student journalism, to participate in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) is probably one of the ultimate goals of anyone involved in the basic ed school paper. So when my student won in the regional competition and qualified to compete in the national stint in Tuguegarao City, I was beyond ecstatic as coach!


A silly congratulatory tarp made by my closest friends.


First off, this was the first time for both my student to compete in the NSPC, and my first time as coach. The competition was originally slated on February 17-21 but was moved to a later date on March 9- 13 as precaution the COVID-19 pandemic. This move may have caused some inconvenience among many of the participants, including us, but it did not dampen our spirits.   


It was March 8 when we finally arrived in Tuguegarao City. Still, the students carried their passion to win and represent Region 10 in the prestigious event.

But unlike any other NSPC, a lot of precautionary measures were made to ensure everyone's safety.


 A frame for my much awaited certificate of completion.


For one, the event’s committee decided to forgo the traditional opening parade. Prior to the pandemic hitting the country, over 4000 participants from across all regions in the Philippines march around the host city in an opening parade. This year, a simple opening ceremony was held, and participants were limited to only 50 for each region. This is a rather disappointing adjustment to the program as all the delegates look forward to seeing their potential competitions.


The next five days of the event have seen more and more precautionary measures for all delegates. All of us were required to log in and out from our billeting schools and were encouraged to just stay in our quarters except during schedules of our individual competitions. For young and adventurous people like most of us, this was quite unfortunate, albeit understandable. Nothing could be worse than this. Or so we thought…


Final group photo with my roommates and classroom adviser at Libag Elementary School.


On March 12, President Duterte announced the lockdown of the whole Metro to commence on the 15th and to end a month after.


Every one of us who were from outside the city were anxious of the possibility of getting stranded in the metro for a month. No one was prepared for this — financially, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Many of us scrambled of getting our flights rebooked. My student and I were just lucky to book another ticket from Manila via Davao to CdeO; this came with a hefty price tag though.


Official IDs for NSPC 2020


A day before the scheduled lockdown, we arrived from Tuguegarao City to NAIA Terminal 3 for our flight back home. The airport that time was abuzz with people trying to get to their destinations before the lockdown. The scene in the airport was like a movie — long queues everywhere, irate passengers, and cancelled flights here and there.


We were able to finally leave Manila that morning. Unfortunately some of our fellow delegate from Cagayan de Oro were not. Desperate time calls for desperate measures as some of them were left with the choice of going home by land which would take days(!). It may be tiring but far better than being stranded in the Metro for a month.


Me with the best sports writer in the region.


Upon our arrival in Laguindingan, we were all brought to the DepEd Division Office for an orientation. All of us were now listed as Person Under Monitoring (PUM) and are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine. We were offered a school for all of us to stay for the time being, but others opt to just stay at home, in the comfort of their family.


My student, with his family decided to have his 14-day self-quarantine in their apartment somewhere in Carmen. I, on the other hand, rented a pensionne house in Divisoria. I made this decision so as not to worry anyone in our household.  But being put on a self-quarantine was no walk in the sand. It was an ordeal to be stuck all alone in a room for two weeks! Fortunately, I received an enormous amount of virtual support from my family, friends and colleagues. Thanks to our modern times and technology, I participated in the never-ending meme wars and TikTok revolution on social media. These, along with the constant monitoring of Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) of Brgy. 5 and DepEd officials. And of course, the people behind food delivery services.


Our final group photo with my roommates and classroom adviser at Libag Elementary School.


The 14-day self-quarantine went by fast and receiving our certificate of completion was just surprisingly satisfying.


So much have happened in our quest to participate in a national competition. This one’s definitely for the books. 

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Dr. David Mendoza, assistant regional director of DOH 10, explained that we should not panic since the virus can only be transmitted through droplets by coughing and sneezing therefore strongly urged public to observed social distancing, personal hygiene, proper cough etiquette and hand washing.

He further said that if the COVID positive patient dies, the virus will also die.


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City Councilor Romeo Calizo urged parents to impose discipline to their children and follow the order of the city government to stay at home.


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City Councilor Maria Lourdes Gaane appeals to the public to submit to self quarantine especially to those Persons under Monitoring (PUMs) or those who have history of exposure to areas affected by COVID-19.


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SELF-QUARANTINE. Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno strongly urged those travelers coming from Manila whether by land, sea and air to voluntarily undergo self-quarantine at home for 14 days as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).



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