Friday, 06 November 2020 14:41

DOH-10 outlines conditions for testing, discharge of patients

Written by Stephen Capillas
DOH-10 outlines conditions for testing, discharge of patients Screengrab photos by Stephen Capillas with DOH-10 infographics

Specific conditions and settings should be met to justify the quarantine and testing of persons for COVID-19, an infectious diseases specialist of the Department of Health (DOH-10) regional office said Thursday (Nov. 5).

‘The DOH outlined these setting-specific pathways through which COVID-19 can be transmitted including the close contacts of those that confirmed as COVID-19 infected. These will guide the public into conducting their own self-assessment to see for themselves if they meet this criteria (and know if and when they need medical attention),’ DOH-10 infectious diseases cluster chief Dr. Ian Christian Gonzales said during Thursday noon’s press briefing.

The DOH earlier set the criteria for its targeted testing of COVID-19 cases by prioritizing patients, their close contacts and medical frontliners who deal directly with COVID-19 patients. Lately the DOH adapted the time-based and symptoms-based strategy that doesn’t require repeat testing for patients after they completed their two-week quarantine.

‘Those that are asymptomatic will be quarantined in isolation units and undergo RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) swab tests only if they manifest symptoms. Those that display COVID-19 symptoms will be quarantined in temporary treatment monitoring facilities (TTMFs) and designated hospitals,’ Dr. Gonzales said.

In both asymptomatic and symptomatic cases, contact tracing of close contacts of COVID-19 patients will be done to prevent outbreaks while patients will be released after they completed two weeks of quarantine or earlier if they test negative on the 10th day of quarantine after which they will completer their four days of quarantine at home. #AntiCOVID19 #COVID19WatchCDO #LGUCDOcampaign #Yourgovernmentatwork #Kaabag #Hapsay #CDOCityHallCollaboration #TheBiggerPictureForCDO #NagkahiusaBatokCOVID-19