Tuesday, 03 November 2020 10:29

‘COVID-19 asymptomatics recover in 10 days’

Written by Stephen Capillas
‘COVID-19 asymptomatics recover in 10 days’ Screengrab photo by Stephen Capillas

Most asymptomatic COVID-19 patients recover in nine to 10 days after contracting the virus, a top official of the City Health Office (CHO) said Friday noon (Oct. 30).

‘Based on the studies that were shown to us during the ‘Prevent, Detect, Isolate, Treat and Re-Integrate (PDITR) webinar sponsored by the Department of Health Friday morning, the asymptomatic patient will usually shed the SARS Covid 2 virus in nine to 10 days,’ CHO resident epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya said in Friday’s press briefing.

After nine to 10 days, these patients will usually have zero to minimal remnants of the virus, Dr. Retuya said. ‘That means if we conduct a swab sample on the patient and culture the specimen, there will be zero or minimal remnants of the virus that are insufficient for it to grow (and cause infection),’ Dr. Retuya said.

Dr. Retuya said these findings form the rationale behind the ‘time-bound’ and ‘symptom-bound’ strategies adopted by DOH that were based on criteria set by the World Health Organization (WHO) for doctors around the globe to assess and determine the discharge of patients recovering from COVID-19.

These twin strategies were reportedly endorsed by both the Philippine College of Physicians and Philippine College for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. The CHO is meeting with barangay health officers and risk communication officers to discuss these strategies, Dr. Retuya said.

Under these DOH-10 strategies, patients will no longer undergo re-testing using the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). ‘Upon assessment by the examining doctor, the patient is considered recovered 10 days, exactly one day after he or she is expected to shed the virus (out of his or her system). But they are ordered to strictly complete their two-week quarantine at home,’ Dr. Retuya said.

‘Thanks to the DOH, we learn everyday and in these times of crisis no one has a monopoly of good strategies. We are open to good strategies and we have to learn and continue to find ways to beat COVID-19,’ Dr. Retuya said. #AntiCOVID19 #COVID19WatchCDO #LGUCDOcampaign #Yourgovernmentatwork #Kaabag #Hapsay #CDOCityHallCollaboration #TheBiggerPictureForCDO #NagkahiusaBatokCOVID-19