Tuesday, 09 June 2020 15:24

#BuhayFrontliner: Blanch T. Ilisan

Written by Oro Youth Development Council
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#BUHAYFRONTLINER: Blanch T. Ilisan, Post Graduate Intern Northern Mindanao Medical Center

"This pandemic is much tougher than we anticipated. This war against COVID-19 is challenging us to bring an increased sense of our humanity, community and compassion. We're asking the people of CDO to stay strong and continue caring for each other and being hopeful that we will make it through this unprecedented time. Remember to just keep the positive attitude and cooperate with our LGU. Continue helping our frontliners. After all, when there is unity, there is always victory. 

My advice for everyone, be part of the solution against this virus... You're all given the most important role in beating this pandemic, which is to stay at home. Spread love not the virus and as a country we will heal as one.

I hope that others will not be selfish about following the "stay at home" solution of this pandemic because as a health worker, we are on the last line of defense of this pandemic. It takes selflessness and sacrifice to be a frontliner, all we have to do is cooperate."




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