Tuesday, 09 June 2020 15:21

#BuhayFrontliner: Ann Charise Macaibay

Written by Oro Youth Development Council
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#BUHAYFRONTLINER: Ann Charise Macaibay, Resident Doctor at Northern Mindanao Medical Center

“Despite the clear danger of the situation, our profession necessitates us to move and serve -- to uphold and take into heart our oath. Our humanities require us to extend our assistance to those who need it.... This disease is unpredictable. It does not follow the usual course of the previously known viral infections. We’ve never seen anything like this before. At any given moment, patients could go into respiratory failure and succumb to the disease.... This cannot be emphasized enough: stay home and practice social distancing. It has been proven to minimize the spread of the virus. In addition, be proactive: maintain a clean environment, have proper hygiene and boost your immune system by eating healthy and getting the right amount of sleep. Lastly, be informed. Choose wisely the information you digest.”




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