Tuesday, 09 June 2020 11:54

#ANINAGSeries: Herna Tano and Alexandrea Portillo, Project Heads of Andam Higala

Written by Oro Youth Development Council
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“From the many challenges that we encounter today, among the youth-led initiatives is our project called Andam Higala. The project started with identifying underlying problems and threats brought by the COVID-19 crisis and these were narrowed down to health concerns, specifically on sanitation. The main concern of the project is to be able to distribute sanitary health kits to vulnerable communities to encourage consistent practice of sanitary measures. “Ang andam nga higala, naggagikan sa andam nga pamilya.”, this is what the project believes. Just like any other  youth-led initiative in the city, we are encouraged to help our community and hope to inspire others as well. 


 In the face of crisis, the youth is vulnerable but vital. Although considered as vulnerable, our role is vital and this starts with understanding and cooperation. A crisis such as this is an opportunity for us to engage in our community. As the hope of the nation, youth engagement enables us to acquire new skills and enhance our creativity and critical thinking.”


 Learn more about their initiative here: 





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