Tuesday, 09 June 2020 11:53

#ANINAGSeries: Kyra Jandayan, Head of Project Paglaum

Written by Oro Youth Development Council
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“About two months ago, I was filming in a community of informal settlers with young children in a certain barangay here in Cagayan de Oro City. I felt bad because I wasn’t able to give them something back in return for helping me finish our film. I had the idea of having a small party with them on my birthday, but COVID-19 happened. I talked to some of my closest friends about my initiative and we were able to think of a different way on how to help even just by staying in our own respective homes. Thus, Project Paglaum was born. 


I believe the youth in times of crisis such like this can be the voice for the hopeless. Having HOPE or PAGLAUM is one of our strongest companion in trying times, that despite all the challenges we may face, we continue to HOPE. Project Paglaum is an initiative that was established to aid those who are most in need during this pandemic. There were a few challenges along the way, but after our first distribution of goods at Adela, Camaman-an, the smiles from the beneficiaries gave us a sense of hope that God will continue to shine through and help these people amidst the crisis. It was then we knew that HOPE is a two way relationship -  you can give HOPE and have HOPE through the faces of who you help.


As a youth, together let us use our voice and turn them into actions to give Hope. During crisis like this, let us support our kapwa and our nation in ways we can, small or big, making a difference is not about the size but about the heart of service and the willingness to help.”




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