Tuesday, 09 June 2020 11:52

#ANINAGseries: Adam Anay, Project Lead of Fund Forward Initiative

Written by Oro Youth Development Council
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“I realized that some young people, including me, are not participating in donation drives due to various reasons – less trust, not being sure how to give, not knowing how much to give and other reasons we give ourselves. We need to get past that. We can always do better and help in any way possible. Moreover, it really saddens me to know that there are families heavily affected by the pandemic. 


FundForward Initiative is a local crowdfunding platform that aims to support local youth-led initiatives that aims to help at-risk communities in the city. We help people by telling their stories. 


There are various donation drives in the city but are not getting the attention they need because they lack networks or skills of telling a story. We wanted to help them with that. We need a better way of inspiring our generation to help and I think that’s why FFI is needed. 


In light of the days that we have been operating, here are simple lessons:


  1. There will always be people who are willing to help. Just proceed with what you want to do and they will come. 
  2. There is strength in number. Our contributions may be small but when pooled together we can help communities. 
  3. There are various opportunities to help – you just need to say “yes” and commit to it.”


Learn more about his initiative here: 



If you know any other youth-led COVID-19 response in CDO, please comment below or send us a message.




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