Tuesday, 09 June 2020 11:37

#ANINAGSeries: Liam Osorio and Nekka Abueva, Project Heads of Tabang Sikad

Written by Oro Youth Development Council
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“While we seek protection inside our homes, our TriSikad drivers have to continue working to sustain their daily needs. Learning from the experiences and struggles of these TriSikad Drivers, we realized that they are one of the many sectors in the society who have been struggling in this time of crisis. Thus, TABANG SIKAD is a donation drive that aims to help address the daily needs of Sikad Drivers through the support of donors and partner organizations, one TODA at a time.         


Despite the challenges, we are more inspired by people who take the extra mile in helping those heavily affected by this pandemic. Our passion to serve and the sense of bayanihan keep us going. Although we have our own ways of helping, we all have that innate attitude to give. Our vigor as young people should always be the first motivation in collaborating with each other. In that sense, our help would not only end with a selected few but would radiate farther and further.”


Learn more about their initiative here: 



If you know any other youth-led COVID-19 response in CDO, please comment below or send us a message.





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