Monday, 19 October 2020 14:54

´City Hall´s containment strategies delayed COVID-19 surge´

Written by Stephen Capillas
´City Hall´s containment strategies delayed COVID-19 surge´ Screengrab photos by Stephen Capillas with CHO infographics
If not for Cagayan de Oro City Hall´s containment strategies, the surge of COVID-19 cases being experienced now would have started early and may have even worsened, a top official of the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) said.
´Our analysis of what accounted for the slight delay (in the surge of COVID-19 cases in Cagayan de Oro City) is the containment strategies of City Hall which provided enough quarantine facilities very early and we paid attention to our arrivals so maong stratehiya naka-ayo na sa siyudad (the strategies were good for the city),´ said Dr. Gina Itchon, NMMC´s research and development department chief.
In her weekly assessment report during Friday noon´s (Oct. 16) press briefing, Dr. Itchon said credit for the early low number of cases in the city also goes to the city residents of whom a majority are said to have complied with minimum health protocols.
´Let´s give credit sa kadaghanan nga misubay sa atong health protocols apan naay pila, ang minority dili nag sunod (on the majority who followed minimum health protocols but there are a few, a minority who didn´t comply) which prevented the city from overcoming the virus. If not for them, the city´s situation would be a lot better,´ Dr.
Itchon said.
As early as January, Dr. Itchon said the NMMC projected that COVID-19 cases would surge by last May. ´Cagayan de Oro was one of the earliest local governments to open their quarantine facilities as early as last March. Were it not for that, the surge could have occured last May and the early opening delayed that surge to at least manageable levels,´ Dr. Itchon said.
Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno said the COVID-19 situation in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental and northern Mindanao would have been far better if they adopted City Hall´s containment strategies to build isolation units. ´Looking back, if everyone took care of their arrivals it would have been a lot different. I warned about the looming threat of local cases as early as July,´ Mayor Moreno said.
´These measures could delay the spread of COVID-19 and since it is a pandemic, all of us are bound to get hit sooner or later. What´s important now is for the people of Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental and northern Mindanao to help each other by complying with minimum health standards,´ Mayor Moreno said.
Model developed by XU on the projected increase of cases
Number of COVID19 positive cases in NMMC from March to September 2020