Monday, 01 June 2020 12:25

COVID-19 Response: The ‘Kuya Fish Campaign’ story

Written by Janine Mae Guibone
COVID-19 Response: The ‘Kuya Fish Campaign’ story Photos courtesy of Kuya Fish Campaign, Inc.
Kuya Fish Campaign, Inc. (KFCI) is a youth-led organization dedicated to working towards child and youth empowerment through community-based programs. Since 2014, KFCI has involved itself in different child and youth development activities in different areas, particularly in city-based residential centers for young people, namely Boys’ Town Center and Tahanan ng Kabataan.
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the youth from these centers, who have already been reintegrated back to their communities. Some of them have been working on “jobs” with meager income such as shop assistants for tiny stores, parking boys, or utility work. With the closing of these shops, they are left to fend for themselves with whatever means they could find. To answer their call, the KFCI volunteers or “Fishies” as they are fondly called initiated a donation drive to collect food supplies for them.
Through the help of friends and family, the organization collected 35 bags of food supplies, consisting of corned beef, sardines, instant noodles, 2 kilos of rice, tissue paper, and one reusable face mask each.
The distribution was done in Barangay Carmen by the group following the social distancing protocols. Twenty-five of those who received the bags were young people who used to be from Boys’ Town and Tahanan ng Kabataan. The remaining ten bags were distributed to identified indigent elderly people in their respective homes.
It is in the best interest of the organization to still be a vessel of hope to the struggling people that no matter how dire the situation, help is still there. No idea is too tiny for people with big hearts. KFCI would also like to thank all the volunteers, their families, and friends who helped out with this drive.
Truly, together, we can conquer this crisis and continue to swim through life. Para sa bayan!
(The Kuya Fish Campaign, Inc. is one of the member-organizations of the Oro Youth Development Council.)