Friday, 16 October 2020 14:47

´COVID-19 infection rate high in CdeO, MisOr, NorMin´

Written by Stephen Capillas
´COVID-19 infection rate high in CdeO, MisOr, NorMin´ Screengrab photos and text by SC with CHO infographics
Whether outside or inside Cagayan de Oro City, the chances of city residents being infected by COVID-19 remain high along with the challenge of tracing the source of the infection, the City Health Office (CHO) said Thursday (Oct. 15).
´Di lang Cagayan de Oro among bantayan kay naa tay mga kaso nga ilang source of infection gawas sa Cagayan de Oro. Pananglitan living in Cagayan de Oro but working outside Cagayan de Oro so boot pasabot ana dagkong chance nga ilang exposure gawas sa Cagayan de Oro (It´s not only Cagayan de Oro that we´re monitoring because there are cases whose source of infection is outside Cagayan de Oro. For example, those living in but working outside Cagayan de Oro so what it means Is that there is a greater chance that their exposure is outside Cagayan de Oro),´ CHO epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya said during Thursday noon´s press briefing.
Unless they strictly comply with minimum health protocols, these APORs (authorized persons outside residence) working outside the city can likely transmit the virus to their families at home, Dr. Retuya said. ´This doesn´t include local index cases that average six to 10 cases a day. Based on our extensive interviews, they either contracted it (from inside or outside the city),´ Dr. Retuya said.
Dr. Retuya said this amid repeated calls by Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno on the provincial government of Misamis Oriental and neighboring local governments in northern Mindanao to level up and build more isolation facilities and temporary treatment and monitoring facilities (TTMFs) to house their arrivals and local positive cases.
Misamis Oriental, whose cumulative total COVID-19 cases is slightly more than half of Cagayan de Oro at 636 as of Oct. 14, had yet to start work on their temporary isolation unit at the administrative building of the OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) hospital in Alubijid town more than seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic.
And like Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental´s local COVID-19 cases now outnumbered its arrivals by 62 percent over 37.91 percent respectively. ´Those who are not doing well (in the fight against COVID-19) will affect the others. Kinahanglan magtinabangay kita, kinahanglan molihok tanan di lang taga-Cagayan de Oro, di lang taga-Misamis Oriental (We have to help each other, we need to act together not just those in Cagayan de Oro, not just those in Misamis Oriental), all of us are in the same boat together,´ Mayor Moreno said.
While critics and bashers called and demanded a citywide and even regionwide lockdown, Mayor Moreno said this would only be counter-productive and result in suffering and losses for everyone concerned. ´If ever the need arises, any lockdown or containment should be focused on the most affected area without affecting others as much as possible,´Mayor Moreno said.